20 Tundra Tonneau Cover

I’m looking for one under $200 and Amazon doesn’t have one that fits 2020 yet.

Has anyone with the 2020 leases get and/or recommend a cover/site?



2014+ covers will fit the 2020

I just got a 2019 Tundra SR5 Crewmax and saw some < $200 on eBay - in the end I went with this from Realtruck.com - GXT-61406 - Gator SFX Tonneau Cover for $249 and took me 10 minutes to install. Fits perfectly and looks great. Shipping took 2 days.

Great, I’ll be looking for a tri-fold since it has the support beams in the event I don’t get to clear out the snow right away lol…

I got that Tyger T1 roll up on Amazon. It says it only fits up to a 2019 but it fits my 2020 SR5 Crewmax fine

I recently bought the Tyger T3 on Amazon. It was an easy install.

Are you guys not worried about someone slashing a soft top and stealing what’s in the bed when you’re parked?

Im looking and debating if it’s worth more than double for a hard top.

Nahhh. The only folks I know who put hard ones on are guys who cart around very expensive tools/work equipment.

I can’t think of anything very valuable I would leave in the bed of my truck.

If some creep wants to steal my dirty gym clothes, they’re welcome to them.

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I really like www.autoanything.com for all truck accessories. The customer service is fantastic as well.

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I’m having a Tyger Auto Black Top T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Cover for my truck. That’s affordable and works well at its price of $212.

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I also bought this one. Works great.

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Great! How long does it last?

I got the truxport from autoanything for under $300 and love it - a little better quality than the Tyger imo. Roll up and the cross supports can handle plenty of snow. Bed is very dry even in heavy rains.

It’s on the truck all the time parked outside. 5k miles in and it’s still holding on.

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I have had all of the soft covers and a few hards, I like;

It is low pro style and looks better than the tri-folds that do not fit perfectly.
I can just roll it up and drive the snowmobile or cycle on and roll it back down when done.
With a coupon from Autoanything they can be had for under $250 shipped.
FYI; you can also buy a used tonneau on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace for about $100.
Most covers will fit Tundras from 2014-2020.