2 Qs: does anyone know if BMW will have lease support for 2019s in april?


q2, how good is a 0 mile $57k 2019 X4 at 11.2% off MSRP (36/10) this late into 2020.
Thanks guys!

Most likely no lease support on 2019s (except 8 series). Corona stupidity may extend that, although unlikely.
Can push for more discount, 13-14% should be a sweet spot.

Thanks man! I appreciate your insight.

If you know what dealer you are going with you can lock in March and lease a 19 with or without support in April.

No point discussing discounts without knowing if it’s conditional on a MF markup

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they will have support b/c of the bubonic plague going around right now. there are still too many 19s on lots.

Save yourself some money and get a 2020.

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Not the time to rhyme lol

@nyclife explain that to me? Im not sure my dealer would drop 11% off MSRP on a 2020 when he has a 2019 in the lot?

@max_g, no MF markup

Thank you guys for all the feed back

Incentives are better on the 2020!

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