2 Jeep Gladiators in Gobi under the 1% rule (.08%) with 15k miles for anyone who wants them

Hello ladies and gents,

Just wanted to pass on the good karma that I’ve found from this group. I’m not getting anythig out of the deals, I originally wanted a Gladiator but went with a Stelvio instead. The Jeep salesman agreed to honor both deals that I had already negotiated. Just an fyi, I qualified for loyalty through Alfa Romeo so YMMV and these figures do not include taxes.

1st Gladiator
MSRP of $42,155 39 months / 15,000 miles for $363 a month and $363 due at signing

2nd Gladiator
MSRP of $43,995 36 months / 15,000 miles for $400 a month and $400 due at signing

Both Jeeps are in SoCal, pm for the details


which part of socal? are they still available?

0.08% would be a killer deal lol
But thanks for sharing, the first one is probably pretty close to sub $300 on 10k terms assuming discounts stay the same.

1% isn’t a useful metric for evaluating a lease…

With that said, if you actually get .08%, by all means… I’d drive a $44k Gladiator for $35 a month.


Near Ventura but I’m assuming their spoken for already.

Lol yeah whoops.

I ran these numbers with another broker who said to jump on it as he couldn’t replicate the deal.

I’m at .686 without negative equity so I’m rounding up to .69%… Nice.


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Giggity giggity…

Still a FAR cry from .08%

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