1st time lease. Tips/suggestions for better deal?

I visited a local Subaru dealership for pricing on a Legacy 2.5i Limited. Monthly came in way more than i was expecting based on the deals I’ve seen posted in the Marketplace. Any suggestions on how to bring this down? 12k miles is a requirement.

Legacy 2.5i w/ package 24
3yr / 12k miles
8.25% tax

MSRP: $32,280
Cap Cost: $31,280
Sales Tax: $2,765.94
Dealer/State Fees: $589.75
Total Price: $34,635.69
Drive Off: $1,000
RV: 50%
Cash Down: $1,000
Monthly: $531.46

Approach the with the deal you want. Don’t expect them to offer it to you.

If you’re in NorCal, Serramonte Subaru is the place to go. That said, I don’t think there is nearly as much money available on legacy as there is on outback.

GREAT tip on Serramonte! Didn’t think to go that direction (about an hour or so away), but I called them and it totally paid off. Just got back a little while ago from signing the paperwork/eating dinner.

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Glad it worked out!