1st lease negotiation 2019 BMW X3 M40i

Seeking feedback on lease negotiation.

Dealer not itemizing discounts/incentives. Due at signing: first payment + $101 plate + $180 doc fee + $95 title fee + $25 reg fee

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Ask for detailed incentives

Currently $3500 with loyalty in many places

I bought a similar car with taxes rolled in and $1000 in extra payments on my old car for $690

Maybe the incentives are included?
Ask for more discount

I got an x4 m40i for 640/month

If discounts aren’t included and you qualify for loyalty it should look like this. 12.6% is really deep on a new one, I doubt they will go beyond that. But they likely included the incentives based on the numbers they gave you.

I do not qualify for loyalty. When asked about the incentive/discount breakdown I got this response: “It’s a combination of lease credit and conquest rebate.”

This is about as irrelevant as anything could be. It’s an SAV and not a sedan. Different programs altogether. It’s apples and hammers.


That tells you nothing. Of course the incentives are lease credit and conquest. The question is, is it already included in that selling price or not. I’m assuming it is, in which case you should push for a greater discount. If it’s not, take the deal.

I would shop this to another dealer. If they won’t show you the details they are probably hiding something

I’ll push the dealer for the detailed breakdown. I see many very detailed lease deal sheets posted on this forum…is that the rule or the exception?

Thank You

I started shopping it late yesterday so we’ll see.

Thank You

It depends on the dealer and doesn’t necessarily show willingness to deal either way. Some detailed sheets I got were for the worst deals I looked at. Other dealers were willing to negotiate via text without anything formal and gave great offers. Don’t judge just based on providing a deal sheet.

Maybe too late for this deal, but can’t he/she just check the BMW website for the incentives? My sales guy initially told me he could save me $5100 but I knew there was a $2250 lease incentive, so I asked if that was already included the $5100 and the rest was dealer discount. He said yes. So that’s when I started trying for a bigger dealer discount.

Dealer reached back out and proposed the same basic deal, but with additional incentive. Discount is 8.3% off MSRP before $3750 in incentives. I have pushed back for 10% discount, but they say this is their best and final. I haven’t been able to get any dealer close to this deal in IN, OH, KY or IL.

I’m going to push to meet at 9% ($500 more discount) which gets me to $700/month

Ask them to let out the nitrogen in the tires and put in regular air so that they won’t have to charge you the $70. :sweat_smile:

I know, right! I figure if I can get them to the number I want the $70 won’t really matter, but that is the first time I’ve ever seen that.

BMW of Sterling in VA had some solid discounts on there M40’s. Check them out if you’re interested.

whats the money factor on this?

seems high to me-- similar MSRP on mine with $1500 worth of payments rolled in and NYS sales tax and I was at $690 a month.


Only getting an 8.3% discount before incentives is why it’s higher. I just can’t get any other dealers to engage with even this good of a deal.

Keep pushing! should be able to get 10/11%

I can refer to my dealer in NY
where are you?