$1k incentive 2019 MB C43 AMG $650, 20 months

2019, Mercedes-Benz, C43 AMG Sedan
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

MSRP: 64,660
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $701.89
Effective payment: starting May 2020 ($650)
Current mileage: 16,800
Maturity mileage: 39,000
Effective miles per month: 1,050
Maturity date: Jan 2022
Incentive: $1k
Cash due (if any): $0

Financial institution: Mercedes Benz Finance
Transfer fee: $595-$695 depending on state
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): yes

-Minor side swipe occurred a few months ago and paint corrected under insurance
-Performance Exhaust
-Carbon Fiber Interior
-Burmester Speaker Surround Sound
-Upgraded LED Lighting
-Upgrades 19 inch AMG Twin Spoke (Black)
-Heads-up display
-Night package (blacked tail pipes, side skirts, and front splitter)
-Black interior (alcantara center seats) with red accents
-Wheels have NO curb rash
-Garage parked

I can send more pictures or videos if needed.

You are asking for $3k due to you? I highly doubt you’ll get a taker at that price.


Yeah, I put a lot down and trying to recoup some of it.

Although I understand and am willing to negotiate on that.

Jon has a point. Effective payment before tax even with just the transfer fee is over $750/mo. With the cash up front you’re at $980+. There are M3 CS at less than that. It’s possibly a tough sell even at $0 DAS, if you’re pretty set on having some DAS, you’re probably going to need to try out swapalease, etc.

Just trying to be constructive. Good luck with the trade!

Also, Jan’21 is only 13-months away, not 24. Jan’22 is 25-mo away, maybe you meant that?

Hey, appreciate the constructive notes.

Good catch on my description. I edited it to reflect Jan 2022 and reduced my cash requested price to $1,500 doesn’t seem super unreasonable. I’m not desperately trying to get out of the lease and don’t want to take a huge cash loss so I think $1,500 + Transfer fee is a bit more reasonable.

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Reduced DAS to $0. Hoping this makes this more reasonable.

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Nice car - 4 questions:

  1. Do you have any add’l packages (ie. excess wear & tear, wheel & tire protection, prepaid maintenance, etc.)?
  2. Can you tell that there was paintwork done or is it pretty invisible at this point?
  3. Is there a sunroof?
  4. Any aftermarket items also being included?

Thanks ahead of time!


Thanks! I like your username.

  • yes, the car comes with 10,20,30k mike services prepaid!
  • Pictures attached below of damage state and now
  • yes, comes with a sunroof
  • no aftermarket items with the car.



Current state of the front bumper.

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@Samsam There is no need for a daily bump. If someone is interested, they can post or PM you.

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Perhaps offer an incentive rather then just bumping your thread? May be more effective.

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