19 Toyota Tacoma sport

I’m in Illinois sale tax are 7%
Any tips for lease Tacoma Trd sport
36 months 15000miles?
With 0 down
So far best deal was $420/month with tax and $915 up front
Car price was $39800
After rebates. $34700

There may be 1k more of wiggle room and/or you need to use MSDs. What is the leasing company (TOyota Financial or Ally) and what is the MF?

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Compare 24 & 36 month RV and payments. TFS 1 Pay option can save more than MSD’s if you have the money. Consider the manual tranny that has crazy high RV.

What is msd (sorry)?
I’m not sure what bank they use

Msd=multiple security deposits.
There’s a broker local in the philly area that can help you with leasing. Never lease a car before but doing research on my own. SEPTEMBER 2019 TOYOTA PRICING! 2020 Tundra Crewmax $257/mo+, XLE Highlander, Camry, 4Runner $325 ALL STATES

They have to have the MF marked up or something, or adding in some crazy fees, that just seems way off… should be closer to $340 if I’m calculating this correctly here…

Why not just get a 24 month lease? That way you don’t have to replace brakes/tires before return for $1500. Also Toyota care is 2 years so free maintenance. I can do a premium sport with leather/sunroof for 340ish for 24/15. $43,000 msrp


That’s sounds great
I’ll ask about 24 month lease

If they can’t lmk. I have a $43k cement/black trd sport premium in stock. $330/mo tax tags fees included

Where you located?

Philly. You can have one shipped if you don’t want to pick up

Do you do Ram trucks?