'19 RAV4 XLE Deal Check

Hi Folks,
Finally we have one dealer who has been upfront and had given full disclosure quotes on XLE RAV4 in AWD and FWD trims. The numbers are very detailed and are attached with the post. Can you please take a look and see if there is any room for negotiation and which of the 2 deals is the better one?

Both seem like fairly bad deals based on what this thread. TOYOTA PRICING all states $290/mo $0 down Tundra CREWMAX $48k MSRP Highlander, Rav4, Tacoma, Camry, 4Runner, TOYOTA

some of these are location dependant, but you’re significantly over. Do not do 2800 down deal. https://www.edmunds.com/car-leasing/should-you-make-a-down-payment-when-you-lease.html

Thanks for the feedback. How do I get close to number shown in the links you sent me?
On the link with the table what is SEC, Monthly and Total down columns mean?
Also these deals dont include tax while I think my quote is including tax. That said it is still higher and I can try to negotiate with the dealer. Any suggestions how I can do this? What can I go after in the quote to reduce?

Thanks again

You’ll need to do a bunch of reading on this forum and elsewhere, understand how monthly is calculated. You can use edmunds forums to find out what the base money factor (dealer can attempt to inflate this), residual value and any current incentives is for your zip.

You’ll want to target getting a 10% discount on MSRP before applying the incentives, watch for bogus charges like etching or nitrogen air filling, get the dealer to drop those. Call multiple dealers, use offer to get other dealers to beat those numbers

if you do all of that and plug in those numbers into leasehacker calculator you’ll see monthly drop.

or save yourself all the trouble and hire a broker for a fee.

SEC is security deposit. Toyota and some other brands allow paying a refundable security deposit to lower money factor, which means your monthly and your total lease cost come down, but you’ll have some money sitting with them for the duration of the lease. Unlike down payment it is refundable - which makes it attractive for some. security deposits can sort of complicate lease transfers.

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately where I am in AZ there is a shortage of brokers and I am seeing better deals than what they are getting me on LH not to mention they dont have a tiered charge but a flat fee of 500$ which further jacks up the expenses without any real benefit from the.

This being the case I am having to do the work myself. I will read up on the link you have sent me and try to further break down the numbers and drop the. I will repost and ping you when I have something better.

Thanks for the help

Some reading:

Good luck!