19 Q50 signature

Needed a new daily with high mile lease and this seemed to be best option since it saved me $395 disposition + $200 damage + last month payment of last q50 premium.

2019 INFINITI Q50 Signature AWD

**MSRP: $44,645
**Selling Price: $35296.70
**Monthly Payment: $375.00
**Cash Due at Signing: $375.00
**Incentives:+ VPP from infiniti loyalty/customer retention dept.

**Annual Mileage:15,000
**Residual:52% ($23,215.40)

Leasehackr Score: 10.8

Good or not IDK, but I’m happy with the deal the car for daily driving.


Is this payment including taxes? Looks like a great deal FWIW

yes includes everything.

I couldn’t get the calculator to alight exactly actual structure is $375x39 I stretched the calculator to 40 months to show only 1st month due at signing also VPP is included in discounted price as (thats how dealer showed wrote it out on contract).

Impressive indeed! A $45K Infiniti for $375/month with just 1st month DAS. Be sure to post your pics in the Trophy Garage! Enjoy your Infiniti!

Great deal!

Nice deal good job

Could you share the dealer info? I am also looking for a similar deal. Thanks a bunch

Who is the dealer for this? Can it be replicated?

I’d say it’s a great deal! I’m in the Chicago area and I can’t get a Q50 Lux AWD with 39/15K for less than $420/month including tax. I’d take that deal in a second. I also have a Nissan lease that has 2 payments left so I’m ready just waiting to get under $400/month.

seems like a good deal, wonder what it would be with 10k miles per year. Please share any incentives used and which NJ dealer…

that is a great deal! enjoy your new car!

That is a good deal but it can be replicated in most locations. The Q50 sales have been abysmal this year and they just released this Signature model about a month ago.

They flooded the market with approximately 800 of these Signature models and they aren’t exactly flying off the shelf. It is VERY important to remember that they deleted ALL Navigation options from the Signature model. It doesn’t have Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and it doesn’t have any sort of built-in navigation at all. You have to use the screen on your phone for Navigation.

Also the 2020 models are coming out now and INFINITI has promised Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for all of their 2020 cars. However, the 2020 QX60 came out last week and it doesn’t have either of those features. It is possible that none of the 2020 INFINITI cars or SUVs will have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Infiniti is starting to really struggle with sales. If you can wait, I say wait. The discounts they will offer this fall and especially in December will be ridiculous. They have thousands of vehicles sitting on lots that simply are not competitive anymore. They really haven’t changed the Q50 significantly in years.


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^ all true, except from what I see is signatures don’t last long on the lots. Even with desperate need of updates it’s a great value.

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There are 668 of the 800 new Signature Q50s listed for sale on cars.com right now. All of them are 2019 cars. They are selling them but honestly it isn’t fast enough. There will be plenty of these cars still on lots at the end of the year.

The 2020 Q50s are scheduled to hit dealer lots by the end of August. They won’t be able to sell enough of the 2019 cars by the time the 2020 cars come out.

If you can live without any sort of Navigation and without the memory seats then yes it does appear to be a decent value. That is all that I see it is really missing for that price point.

Also, since it doesn’t have any available options it might actually be the first Q50 to hold its value reasonably well. However, it is entirely possible that the lack of any navigation at all in a “luxury” vehicle will basically blacklist it for resell.

What? The Signature doesn’t have navigation! I thought it did (like the last one). Surprised…

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Many luxury sedans like the A4, C300, Giulia, do not come with standard navigation.

Pretty sure that’s false. Almost every article I’ve read about it states that it comes with built-in navigation.

That’s right no Nav And no Bose. But sport leather seats and sport bumpers with 19” rims + round view cam and forward collision warning only.

No Nav is a good thing for me, had it in my last q and didn’t like it.

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No it is 100% true. There aren’t even any options to get navigation at all with the 2019 Q50 Signature model. Infiniti had told dealers that the 2019 Q50S Signature model would have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. They were going to leave Built-in navigation off to keep the price down.

However, when they actually delivered the cars they don’t have any form of navigation at all and no option to add it.

They flooded the market with these 2019 Q50 Signature models and they are not selling quickly at all because it lacks standard features that people expect in a luxury vehicle.

I am afraid the Infiniti luxury sedan may not be a viable option in the future. Infiniti does not seem to want to divert resources towards making it better.

There isn’t a single press release from Infiniti that even mentions “navigation” for this model. It mentions the package that typically contains navigation but they explicitly say “some” of the options contained in that package. Navigation is not one of the options they included.

Blockquote Many luxury sedans like the A4, C300, Giulia, do not come with standard navigation.

However, all of those cars offer navigation as an option or they have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto built in.

The 2019 Q50 Signature does not offer any option for navigation at all. You simply can’t get it with that particular model.