'19 BMW X1 Loaner, 4988 miles, $411/mo


Is this a good deal? Mediocre? Bad? All #s in calculator. Appreciate any feedback.

They said once the odometer hits 5000 miles they can’t lease it, so they’re being aggressive on moving it today.

It’s a little smaller than I want, but they don’t seem interested in giving a good deal on any X3’s.

Located in Florida.

Less than 15% off with marked up MF to the max is not an aggressive offer.


Don’t forget free maintenance, and use MSD.

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Not good, should be aiming to get close to 300/mo w/ MSD and base MF. Think you should push for 17-18% discount.

With that nasty doc fee I’d be aiming for 17% off and buy rate.

Does buy rate mean w/MSD?

Buy rate is .00128

Max MSD would bring down to .00093