19 BMW M550Xi lease (MSRP discount)


Hello guys,

I am looking to lease 2019 BMW M550Xi.
What is the realistic % off MSRP this month (May 2019)
I have heard 11-12% off the new one is possible and over 15% would be possible on demo with less than 5k miles on it.
Did anyone lease the same vehicle pretty recently?

Any input would be appreciated.
Thank you :smile:

Assuming 4K miles it’s not unreasonable to ask for a 14-18% discount prior to any rebates.

I’ve had BMW dealers in Dallas tell me to go fly a kite when I asked for double digits percent off a demo… Maybe I need to wait till later in the month. :man_shrugging:t3:

You’re asking the wrong dealer then. I had at least 3 dealer chomping at the bit for my business and offering 15%+ on first pencil. One came in at 18% and obviously gained my business once we worked the specifics out.

on an m550i? seriously?


Anything is possible with the right situation. Reasonable is 8-10% for new and 1.5-2% addtl per 1K miles.

I assure you, it’s not. It may be possible on a beater 330 or 530, but not an m550.

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Key is to find a M550i loaner/demo to try it on. More likely though it’ll be a new car and 8-10% is about as well as one can do unless you just happen to stumble upon a car with every option under the sun or a slow selling color.

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what type of discount can I expect on 19 M550Xi this month before any incentives?

It depends on the dealer. There is no single answer. Email a bunch of dealers and make your case. Make them bid for your business.

Anyone have luck recently with an aggressive deal (~10% off range before incentives) in New England / NY-NJ area? I’m coming out of a 2016 550 that had a crazy residual (66%) and trying to find a replacement without huge bump in payment.

If you don’t want a bump in payment, check out the 540. The G30 540 is faster than the pre-LCI F10 550 and about as fast as the LCI 550 0-60mph. M550 is a whole other animal, but the F10 550 and G30 540 acceleration stats are very similar.

I was told that the M550’s are flying off the lot, why would they discount them 12%+?

Every car is flying off the lot. Even the one that’s been sitting in the showroom for the last 4 months. :wink:

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Yea, I don’t buy the “they’re flying off the lot” comments. Buyers are shifting to SUVs across the board, sales numbers show that for all luxury brands. Also BMW puts their $$ and residual support where the metal ISN’T moving so I’d consider strong residual and lease/loyalty cash a sign that this car needs a boost. (The only model with equally strong programs is the 3GT and wagon which is about as dead as can be!) Inventories are definitely lower but the 550 has never been a volume model.

(Disclosure - it’s been a while now but I spent many years in the biz with BMW so I wouldn’t say I’m the typical newbie around these parts)

This afternoon I was offered $3k off an $85k MSRP 2019 M550 in Ohio.

Subtract lease cash and conquest from that, of course ($5,500 total, I believe; you will see why I don’t remember in a minute).

36/10, just fees/registration upfront (+7 MSDs), buy rate on the MF, 59% residual… came to $1,019 a month.

I didn’t even bother to scribble anything down, that’s from memory. HARD PASS.

At least I drove one and learned that I don’t want an M550, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

What didn’t you like about the car?

I’m in my 40s. The car didn’t seem age appropriate.

Pros: lots of power, fun to drive.

Cons: boring styling; looks like a college car for a kid from an affluent suburb.

I’m 40 and most cars that I like are prob not age appropriate.

If you want a boring car, just lease a base Camry or Equinox for $250 and be done with it.

Don’t give up on yourself so easy.

I’m not giving up. I just can’t find anything I really want.

Honestly, it’s more the uninspired styling on the M550 than anything else.

Its the definition of a sleeper. What’s more mature than that?

I get it… to each their own.