'19 430i GC 48k 2k DAS $360 + Tax 34% off

Happy Tuesday,

I have a 430i Gran Coupe I need to move this week. This is a demo car and with the specific structure works out to be a great deal. For inquires email me at samsonnargizyan@pacificbmw.com with Name, Phone Number, Zipcode.

STK: 602981

430i GC Demo Inventory


MSRP: $47,935
Selling Price: $31,875
Monthly Payment: $394 (Based on 9.5% So Cal Tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $2,000 (Rounded)
Months: 24
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF: .00227 (Bank Acq of 925 is waived in place of .00050 mark up on MF saving $15)
Residual: 56% (BMW’s above 5k miles -7% residual, above 7.5k -9% residual)
Incentives included in lease: Above 5,000 miles Incentives disqualified

This vehicle is located in Southern California zip code 91204 at Pacific BMW. For inquires email me at samsonnargizyan@pacificbmw.com. With inquires include Name, Phone Number, Email, and Zip Code.


Thanks for posting all the details about discount incentives and rv

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Samson, do you have any demo 740i’s?

Looks like a good deal, wish only if it was 36 months.

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I have only 1 ex loaner I just posted.

do you have any 430 or 440 convertible demo’s

If this has xDrive I’d be all over it. You got anything like that in the works? I’d take a 3 or 4 series in xDrive so long as it was Sport or M Sport with navi and HK audio. I’d fly in for Nor Cal for it.

That’s like a $6000 difference wouldn’t be the same deal, but if you are seriously in the market I have a car that’ close
430xi GC

-M Sport Package
-Head up display
-Apple Carplay compatibility


can you put a lease quote for the 430 one. 36 months 10k DAS. I will send you an email as well

Send me and email with:

Full name
Zip code
Phone number

I work best from there.

just sent you an email a minute back

I’m seriously in the market and I’d love to see what a 10/36 would look like. Thanks!

Email sent with requested info. Thanks!

This is still a super sweet deal. Understand that with the smallest difference in the vehicle the numbers can go wild.