18 Traverse $0/$209 24/10k also Tahoe 2k/$279 36/10k

Newbie lurker, is there a way to determine if these are legit with the information provided? Local dealer in NY is advertising

Traverse LS w/1LS
Msrp 33,595
Factory rebate - $750
Dealer discount - $3,868
Conquest - $2500
Finance for $26477
$0 down $209
24 month 1st payment plus tax and tags 10k miles purchase option $22845

Really want the

Tahoe 4x4 package
MSRP $51,745
Factory rebate - $1,000
Dealer discount - $5,268
Conquest - $2500
Finance for $42977
$1995 down $279
36 month
1995 plus 1st month payment plus tax and tags, 10k miles, purchase option $32,082

Thanks for any comments

Those dealer discounts look very large if they are exclusive of incentives.

Took it directly from the ad

That might be the best Tahoe deal I have seen advertised by a dealer (and without negotiating first).

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Bank fee, doctors fee, DMV, tax aren’t included. Will add a decent chunk. Might also be on one unit only. I usually disregard ads until I get an actual quote

The ad said 15 available at this price or payment for the Tahoe and 50 available for the Traverse

Reasonable deal on the Tahoe, may want to negotiate that extra 2k CCR away …

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Sign me up on the Tahoe. Then Ill pay to ship it :stuck_out_tongue:

If you live in warmer area than NY, I can see a road trip lol

Happy Saturday @ChevyPhil was wondering if you had a few and could take a look at this and let me know if you had any thoughts on this deal that was advertised. Here are the ads

Really liking the Tahoe, wish it was the 4WD Premier but a 4WD LS doesnt appear to be shabby for the $
New photo by Steve Gocinski

Or the Traverse
New photo by Steve Gocinski


Those are the worse pictures taken I’ve ever seen. Why cut off half the ad?

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This looks like Atlantic Chevy from the advertisement, perhaps Huntington is a sister store. Good luck getting any useful email communication or quotes from them.

Found the ad on their website. The monthly looks good even after rolling the down payment into the monthly, $334/month + tax. Still need to probably account for acq fee, doc fee, DMV fees and any other BS fees they charge though.

I can vouch for those guys. They will honor the ad. My Equinox deal a few months ago was straight from ad. Cannot remember salesmans name. Again, based on experience. The Huntington store i mean.

SO CAL… not warm today. Super Rainy

Damn still worth shipping here :slight_smile:

Best I have found here is about $550 on a 2WD LT.
I assume the ad is on a LS

When I emailed them they said newspaper ad deals expire Monday at which point new ones will be issued. The rep I was emailing with did not say it was because anything was expiring or flex cash was running out, just that GM would reset them on Tuesday.

The pics were taken correctly when I shared the links cause the images were too large to upload it appeares to have truncated them.

Has anyone gotten anything good on an LT 4WD?

I called Huntington and was told they could not disclose prices over the phone.
Im not up for driving 2 hours to “come in and chat”

But they do seem pretty well priced for the LS

Haven’t seen anything yet, next time let me know and I will “pop” over