18 Subaru Impreza 5DR Limited - LA/SoCal - Review Needed

Year: 2018
Make, Model, and Trim: Subaru Impreza Limited 2.0i w/ Eyesight/Moonroof/Nav Package 35
Months/Annual Mileage: 36/12K
Zip Code: 90065

First email back from dealer is the following:

MSRP $30,521 including destination
RV = 61%
MF = 0.0008 for tier 1
Initial Cap Cost $27,400
$850 drive off
$281/mo plus tax (9.5% in LA city?) = $307

Edmunds says for Impreza Hatch Limited
.00030 MF and 61% residual
$400 Dealer Cash

CarJoJo shows dealer costs min/max for this vehicle are:

Holdback Allowance-$610
Factory Invoice (Including Options)+$28,147
Hidden Incentives $2,515-$2,375
Total Dealer Cost Range $25,022 $25,162

I think I should be able to get more off MSRP and the Edmunds MF/RV right?
I want something closer to like $275 including taxes if possible with first payment/DMV drive off.
Credit Karma says Fako/Fico is 730/741.

What should I come back with in my email?

Thank you for your help!

I would spell out the exact deal you want using the MF and discount you found. If they say no then you move on. No need to beat around the bush.


I leased a 2018 Subaru Impreza 5DR Limited with Eyesight, Moon, Nav & HK audio (Pkg 35) etc., today from Sherman Oaks Subaru thanks to all the information from this forum. Love the car!

I used a car broker I have previously used (at no cost to me) to get the price down to $255.00 including tax with $800.00 drive off & a $500 Subaru Loyalty coupon.

MSRP $30,521
Gross Cap Cost $27,294.82 (11% off MSRP)
No Acquisition Fee
Total Lease Cost $9,601
LH Score 10.6

$255 first payment ($233 plus 9.5% tax)
$177 initial title fee
$215 initial registration fee
$7.60 Sales or use tax
$8.75 CA Tire Fee
$45.78 Cap Red Tax
$481.87 Cap Cost Reduction
= $1,300.00 (paid $800 cash and used $500 loyalty coupon).

Now I hope my Fair.com vehicle return goes well.

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Imprezas are goddamn $30k? WTF man. FYI you can get a fully loaded $33k Crosstrek for about the same money.

…and a Crosstrek is just a lifted Impreza…for an extra $3K

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And a 14% better residual

Are you saying RV is 75% on Crosstrek? LOL It’s 61% on 36/10 for Impreza
FYI: it’s 64% on 36/10 for Crosstrek