18 Stinger GT2 - $524.05/mo (w/tax), $2k DAS 36/12

Was hoping to get some thoughts and what can be worked better?

MSRP: 50,935
Selling: 46,209
Gross Cap: 49,189.91
Cap Cost Reduction: 12,700
Adjusted Cap Cost: 36,489.91
Rebate: 10,700
Cash Down: 2000
Balance: 36,489.91
MF: .00197
Residual: 47%
36/12 @ 524.05 (Tax included)

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Its 18 stinger so you might be able to get deeper discounts.

That’s pretty stripped out to be honest. Not much left in it for the dealer. They do get a % back from KMA, even after holdback. They’ve got about $1,500 more to go before they net zero dollars on the sale.

Once the '19’s are flowing in steady, that car will be a dud and people won’t want it. My “Adjusted Price” was $38,800…

My cap cost on mine was $35,505.75.

Honestly… The '19s have features that should have come on the 18s. May be worth holding out for.

Killer deal if you can get it down to 500 flat with an additional 500 bucks off.

Much better than what I was able to do at just 1500 more cap cost…

How do you like the car? Keep thinking about it even though I really like the 3GT

Where are you located? They got anymore units they want to move?

Interested in where you got this deal? @brian.kim

I really want to hold off for 2019 GT2 due to the 360 surround camera.
But for a good deal, I would pass it up.

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Just priced::
$3000 down
First payment
DMV $300
$0 Security
Taking my 2016 VW lease which is due in Feb
$399 a month!!!


That’s the equivalent of 482/month with 0 down (or 471 with just first month at signing). I’d do that for a GT2, but no way would I do that on a base GT. Doesn’t seem like you’re getting much of a dealer discount.