18 Jeep Compass Latitude 4x4 deal


I’m new to leasing. I live in NY, NY and I have researched what other people are paying per month for Compass but wasn’t successful. So can anyone tell me what is the range of number/mo that would be considered fair and how much monthly payment to target.

I saw one dealership on their online inventory
MSRP $29,275
Price $25,481
Manufacturer incentive $3,794
RV 55%
MF 0.00001

RV and MF I found on Edmunds, I put all these number in Leasehackr calculator it gives me $210/mo (tax included) (36/10k/0 down/0 drive off) 11yrs for leasehackr score.

I don’t have any samples to compare this to. Is this a good, fair or bad number? Is there more room to negotiate?

Thank you in advance!