18 GLS450 arizona lease

looking at 15k miles per year for 36 or 48months. Anyone know what the money factor and residuals are? Thanks in advance

Check edmunds.com and don’t do a 48 month lease ever.

Get it in Southern California. No such thing as a good deal in Phoenix metro area.

What’s wrong with doing a 48 month lease? Only problem for OP is 15k per yr…will be out of warranty after 50k

As you mentioned warranty is the problem…

Warranty and Regret, at 48 month you might as well get a loan…

Try selling a GLS out of warranty…

Will need new tires.

If you need a 48 month lease to make it work, you are either paying too much or can’t afford the car.

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Not sure my 36month is being held up as some arbitrary limit…rationally it makes sense to hold a car as long as possible. For anyone doing 10 or 12k a year, a 48m lease means you use up all the OEM warranty, instead of leaving a year of it “on the table”

Tires, older car. Downsides far outweigh the risks. I doubt many consider 48 months for any reason other than monthly payment.

I can’t imagine the benefit of another year for the warranty outweighs the value of a higher residual and lower MF for a 36 month term.

Warranty aside, I’ve seen payment go up (not always) for a 48 mo term due to shitty residual. I would suspect the captive does that to get a car back they can get a higher price for due to the extra year of coverage at resale/auction. It’s never seemed worth it to me.

Try Lexus in Superstition Springs. Jon Tellez tell him I sent you. I used to work with him for years