'18 BMW M3, 771 + tax. 75k msrp. TDAS: 1st month, Dmv, doc, bank, and msds. 9% OFF

(not actual car) car is a MANUAL.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW M3
MSRP: $ 74,965
Monthly Payment: $ 771
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1st month, Dmv, doc, bank, and msds
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00131 after 7 msds
Residual: 57%
Available Incentives: loyalty, fleet and college grad can be added
Region: NJ/NY/PA/CT

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57% residual? I thought it was the same as the other 3ers at 61%. Is this new? Nice deal regardless.

Changed last month, all M cars are going to start have lower residuals that the regular model line

Example '18 M5’s are 61% but '19 is at 51%. We should start seeing more rebates, but lower residuals starting '19

@Newhackr might be a good options for you

Do you have a list of the options or a picture of the window sticker?

he wont show you 202020

Until my initial fee is paid, I don’t share pictures or window stickers


beautiful car! wish i could afford this one =)

I think that since the picture isn’t of the actual car, it would be helpful to get some of the key options.

It was hard for me to tell that this was a manual - it’s tucked away right underneath the picture which is of an automatic, also, 75K doesn’t tell you if one of the comp package, exec package, etc. is included which are important in decision making.

Ooo manuals a pretty rare. Good luck!

Great deal I am sure it’ll go quick! The photos show correct color combo?

Fair enough, but what options does it have? I may be interested based on the color and the fact that it is a manual, but need to know if it is comp pack or exec pack and whether it has carbon fiber roof and which wheels it has.

Would be extremely tempted to jump on this if it were in CA, purely based on the fact that it’s a manual. Congrats to whoever gets this, looks like it will be a riot.