‘18 540i MSRP 67k 2k DAS $558 + Tax Demo

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Trying out a new format to have all of the information in one place. We currently have select inventory of 5 series demo’s ranging from 27% + off of MSRP.

2018 BMW 5 Series 540i


MSRP: $66,895
Selling Price: $48,800
Monthly Payment: $611 (Based on 9.5% So Cal Tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $2,000 (Rounded off from $2,1XX)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF: .00188
Residual: 54% (BMW’s above 5k miles -7% residual, above 7.5k -9% residual)
Incentives included in lease: Above 5,000 miles Incentives disqualified.

This vehicle is located in Southern California zip code 91204 at Pacific BMW. For inquires email me at samsonnargizyan@pacificbmw.com. With inquires include Name, Phone Number, Email, and Zip Code.


wow so the upgraded residual whack from BMW is confirmed! Used to be 4% and 6% right?

Any 530i or 430i (coupe or GC) sample demo deals?

Correct, but with the discounts it’s nearly the same payment as it was a few months ago.

4 series with $2,000 drive off payments is $470 + Tax on 49k msrp on 602868.

'19 530 is $2,000 drive off $540 + Tax

If you’re looking to actually buy a specific car you can email me and we can further discuss at samsonnargizyan@pacificbmw.com

Any of those 5 demos with 27%+ include 530e?

Sweet deal sir. Will be in the market for a 7 series soon. Will definitely keep you in mind for bmw

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No, usually don’t have 530e’s above 5k miles.

0 in stock right now

That is a superb discount.

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Can MSDs be applied to these?

No, no MSD above 5,000mi.