18 430i southern california

Hello! Long time reader first time poster. I’m looking at a 4 series and the forums seem to have the consensus that they don’t lease well. Let me know where you think I may have room to go. I also am a USAA member and if I’m reading it correctly another $2000 rebate may be applicable. I didn’t make the dealer aware of this just yet.

2018 430i GC Silver/ Black
MSRP: $46,895
Selling Price: $43,000
36 Months
12K miles (56%)
.00192 MF
$2,750 Rebate

Monthly including tax: $647.46


MF is marked up as much as possible and the discount isn’t too good. I’d look to another dealer or one of the CAs here on Leasehackr

I’m also in the market for a 4 series and BoardwalkNJ is correct, the MF is marked up. You should be looking for .00152 and this deal isn’t even close to the 1% rule. I would look for another dealer.

Try to aim for 9% off msrp before rebate.