17 jaguar xe prestige % off MSRP?

In LA and trying to get a deal on one of these. Jaguar thousand oaks is only offering a measly $3k off the msrp of a $56k car, along with a $1500 rebate used as a cap reduction. I know MF and residual are decent, but without a bigger discount, the #'s are terrible ($615/mo w/ $1350 due at signing—what a joke). I’ve searched thru the forum but can’t find any good info on a reasonable discount off msrp in december on a non-demo '17 xe. Anyone with any info?

If a dealer is offering a measly offer, just move onto the next one. There has to be half a dozen jag dealers in LA I’m guessing.

there are, but unfortunately they dont have the '17 xe prestiges in stock. thousand oaks has over a dozen of them.