'17 Infiniti Q50 RS fully loaded

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 Infiniti Red Sport fully-loaded]

MSRP: [$58,000]
Selling Price: [$52,400]

Months: [39]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [.00007]
Residual: [58%]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$1,300]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$525]

Zip Code: [28278]
Sales Tax Rate: [3%]

I put out offers to a few dealers in about a 300 mile radius from Charlotte, NC. This is the best one I’ve seen so far and its the closest. It seems, despite my haggling, I can’t get the dealers to go more than 8% below MSRP which is driving the cost up. What do you think? I’d like to get sub-500 without increasing the total due at signing.

Have you checked out TrueCar data for your area? Should help give you an idea whether the targeted price is realistic.

I did. I ended up taking an offer with an MSRP of $59,600. With 1,000 down the payment is $516 a month.