'16 VW GTI-S Ongoing items

OK, I’ve spent about 5 to 6 weeks researching the car I want, 2016 VW GTI-S, BLACK, 2-DOOR, PERFORMANCE PACK, LIGHTING PACKAGE, 6-SPEED MANUAL and the darn thing is next to impossible to find.
I did find the car without the lighting package, but the lease numbers just don’t compute.
So, yesterday, after getting hammered with 6 phone calls from the same dealer one of the salespersons offered to order a car to my specifications exactly, reduce the MSRP to $26,501 from $28,305 without any of the current incentives, as the ‘rule’ is whatever incentives and discounts are in place at the time of receiving the car is what will apply.
I’m told 2-weeks to 3 months before I see the car, which I am fine with, as I don’t need it until July anyway.
However, salesperson said “no deposit required” “honor system”, and gave me an ‘order number’.
No place to plug in an order number for VW anywhere I can find online.
re: honor system, so if someone else want the car I build at MSRP, I guess I’m screwed when it comes in?
Also, found a site that shows dates of final orders, acceptance of new orders production start up dates, 2017 initial orders acceptance dates, etc., and it seems that VW will stop taking any factory orders in 10 days.
So does that mean after that, I’m kind of out of luck if it’s not built, available, or should I just sit it out and wait for a 2017 model ???

That link to the build orders is: http://www.donlen.com/buildstart-volkswagen.html

I believe the “honor system” is on your honor and not theirs, as in they are ordering it for you and you get the first shot at it.

With respect to incentives, that’s what I have heard for all companies I have asked.

As for leasing thru VW, having purchased 2 new in the past, it’s generally better to purchase a VW as their leasing is wack. Generally their MF is off the charts and no MSDs make it difficult to drop that. I know in December b the GLI and tiguans were decently MF’ed and residuals were decent.