'16 Malibu Deal

Near me i found this deal that was something in my ballpark.

I am interested in the Malibu, 2nd one down from the top:

if you click on Search Inventory, it takes you to a few that they have and i like this one:

It does not talk about leasing but id definitely be interested in leasing. Ive learned on here that its best to do most negotiation over email, not giving my phone number. So how do i exactly go about emailing about the price? Do i ask for a lower sale price? How low?

In the calculator, i inputted:
$28,245 MSRP from the 1st link as MSRP
$27,306 as the sale price, deal discount of $939
$0 taxed incentives
$5,649 for untaxed
$0 down payment
Acquisition Fee of $595
Residual value of 61%
24 month/12k miles
MF: 0.0004
And sales tax of 8.75%

Grand total of ~$1,100 down and $212 a month.

Did i do this correctly?

GM Financial has pulled lease support on 2016 Malibus.

Here are the numbers for 2017 Malibu LT:

24/12K: 64% residual, .00070 MF
All: $1,000 lease cash + $250 incremental bonus cash
Targeted: $500 Farm Bureau + ($500 Lease Conquest/Loyalty)

Okay i didnt know that was possible lol. Did they pull leasing from the '16 Cruzes also??

Can you give me up to date '17 Cruze information then too? im going to look into the malibu and cruze.

Thank you :slight_smile: