16 Camry SE Lease, what am I missing?

I received a quote from a local dealership. They send me some numbers, but not a formal quote yet. However, with thenumbers they gave me, I can’t seem to come up to the numbers she quoted me. this is what she said
MSRP: $25,797
- Discount: $4,388
Price: $21,409
Lease it for $259 per month!
36 months, 12,000 miles, $259 due at signing
On a 36 month 12k mil lease the Residual is 61 and the MRM is 0.00009.

I asked what the dealer fee was and if that was the sales price of the car, her response below:

Dealer fee is $699. Already calculated into the lease. I gave you my best deal up front sign and drive $259 a month.

She also said the discount includes all factory incentives…

Sounds like she is full of it and you should plug the numbers into the calculator to show her she is full of it.

I asked for a formal quote, and this is what she sent me…

Vehicle Price: $25,797.00
Savings: - $3,700.83
Price: $22,096.17

Sales Tax (estimate):	+	$1,374.08	 
Tag/Registration Fees (estimate):	+	$498.75	 
Tire/Battery/MVWEA:	+	$6.50	 
Dealer Service Fee:	+	$699.95	 
Balance Due (estimate):		$24,675.45	 

No Trade-In
Cash Due 36 months
12,000 Miles
$259 $259
$500 $252
$750 $245

Where are you located?

MF and Residual info seems different from what SoCal dealers are offering…

I am in Florida. South Florida if it makes any difference

I guess it does. Residual and MF came up as 59% and 0.00001 for us SoCal folks.

With a higher resdiaual then the payment should be lower

can someone help me reporoduce this offer to see what they are actually selling me the car for?


Nvm I got it. the are selling me the car for 22096.17 after the 1k incentive. I am aiming for 21k before the 1k incentives. I am being agressive, so I will keep you guys posted.