15k off of a I-Pace anyone? Must be tesla owner

“Those consumers can combine the company’s “Tesla Conquest” incentive with a $5,000 dealer discount and $7,000 allowance credit to get $15,000 off the I-Pace. With all three discounts, the base model costs $54,500, instead of $69,500.”

They’ve sold a grand total of 217 I paces in July…I think there is going to be a hackr bonanza inevitably.

Woo indeed.

Can’t wait to see what kind of leases can be had with this. Pathetic range but they’re nice cars inside. I have a Model 3 so I would qualify.

Subtract the fed and Ca credits and this goes down to mid 40s. Finally some real competition for Tesla. Jag will sell all this exces inventory fast. Anyone knows if there incentives are applied to leases?