15k High Trim Lux SUV?

Hey guys,

I really enjoy reading through these forums. I am currently looking to lease a new car, but none of my options are very easy to lease right now. Also I am in Denver. I would like a 15k /yr lease on one of the following:

2018/2019 BMW X3 w/ Driver Assist Plus
2019 Audi Q5 Prestige
2019 Aucra RDX Advance or A-Spec

I am really after the driver assist features because they work pretty well on each of these. I have a feeling that there are very few audi/bmw loaners this well equipped, so I will probably end up with the Acura. Although, even tho this is the loweset MSRP, they are not leasing well at all. Am I better off just waiting until the 2020 model years come out and scavenge for a 2019? I talked to one local broker and she basically was offering me like 1-2% off MSRP, and I feel like I could negotiate that myself and then avoid her fee. Does the 1% rule just not apply to these vehicles (even before the extra mileage?).
I obviously want to sign something today, but am also willing to wait if these will become more attainable later this year?


First of all, there is no 1% rule here. You try to get the largest discount before incentives as possible, and then stack as many rebates as possible. BMW, Audi, Acura etc. may have loyalty, college grad, OL, seasonal, etc. rebates

Any ‘Prestige’ trim Audi is not going to lease well…might as well rule that out if you’re looking for a good deal. P+ can be had for decent deals during seasonal promotions.

Tough to find loaners with advanced features. And you barely have any time before the apparently imminent closure of lease support on 2018 BMWs.

Cast a wider net. Should be able to do better than 1-2% off on the RDX.

If you can wait, then wait. MY changeover in the late summer and December

That makes sense, I can wait!

Look at an Audi Q5 Premium Plus with Driver Assist package. Prestige is a horrific lease with poor residual value.

Thank you, I will direct my attention there. I also would take a Volvo XC60. Do you think that is more doable? I don’t see a lot of chatter on here about those, more the XC90’s. They have the driver assist on the lowest trims, although I’d prefer a T6.

Is what doable? You haven’t really provided a budget.

I get that you probably want more of a lux badge or something, but some of the other brands may have what you need for a whole lot less.

The driving assistance packs (in particular the full-speed adaptive cruise) is pretty good on cars like the CX5, Forester, CRV, RAV4 etc and more often than not come as standard as opposed to needing high trim/expensive packs. Just something to consider.

I am willing to spend 600-650 a month, maybe that’s still not reasonable. I really like these three brands because they center you in the lane, and the BMW and the Audi to low speed follow where they also steer in certain low speed scenarios.

You can get into a Q5 P+ for around 650 with an aggressive discount. I’ve helped a couple ppl in NY with Audis recently. Idk about Denver though.

You should be able to do a 15k lease on a T6 XC60 within your budget. You need the advanced package for Pilot Assist. You’ll likely be looking at Momentum or R Design trims to fit the budget. Inscription would probably be pushing it but if the March incentives improve it’s possible you’ll find a dealer to play ball.

Thanks guys, I think I am going to work with @Benedetto and look at either the T6 xc60 or the A-Spec RDX. He seems to think they are going to be attainable for my budget so that’s good! Man, an inscription would be awesome, but I dare not get my hopes up. I do think that Audi is my favorite of the bunch, such a solid drive and package. But nice things cost money!

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I was seriously considering the RAV4, but that engine was so coarse I couldn’t live with that, not even for a week let alone a whole lease term. Bummer, because Toyota did such a good job with the styling, then mailed it in on the powertrain feel/sound.

Yeah I can see why it might not be the best. I haven’t tried the new one but I know some the early reviews commented on the engine noise issue. I had the same issue with the CX5, the power delivery just wasn’t linear enough for me but I would love to try out the new turbo version.

I have tried several times in the Denver area, and either they don’t have them or they want you to be 99% sure before you drive it. I think all in all, the driver tech isn’t where I want it in that car though. It’s beautiful, but doesn’t pin you to the middle of the lane or take slight curves which I really have grown accustomed to in my car.