15% off MSRP on 2017 320i's TODAY ONLY!

Just put together a quote for a gentleman on a $38k 320i and with his Corporate Fleet we ended up at 15.69% off MSRP plus a $3,000 lease rebate!! He’s passing on the deal (I have no idea why) but I figured I better let you guys know. Programs change tomorrow and there’s not a lot of time left for dealer trades today so I’m going to have to ask you to pick one in stock and be able to get here soon.

I have 15 left as of right now: Click here to pick yours

Please email me directly if you need a quote or are on your way!

P.S. The % of discount will depend on the the MSRP obviously but it should end up somewhere between 14-16%.

BTW: In case nobody has taken the time to do the math…that deal is a 25% off savings after factoring in the lease rebate!



Is it only on 320s ? What if I need another car like 540e or x6?

If you’re interested in a car in stock than today is the day due to us trying to hit our factory objective. The % off on a 320i is much greater due to the lower MSRP but if you want to email me about another car from our inventory I can tell you absolute confidence that I’ll get you a deal you can brag about today.

Hi Dave, I would like a quote for your stock# 171605.

I’m emailing you a quote now Victor…

Which dealership or state at?

BMW of Murrieta. Ask for Dave Townsend

If only MSD’s were still possible this would be a fantastic deal.

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Should I call instead of PM?

It still is a pretty fantastic deal


email is usually best as I can mark “unread” and not forget to get back to you

Can we get a BMW_Dave in North East?

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When stores get hit with objectives, customers and client advisors win alike! :tada:

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Can I get in on the next round all the way from Michigan? I have no problem paying for shipping.

You got it @Hamballz!

If you could send me a message with the numbers for Stock # 171636, that would be great!

Unless you’re 20 minutes away and already in the car the numbers right now are irrelevant unfortunately. :frowning:

Programs change tomorrow and our Internet pricing just went from $2,500 below invoice to $250 over. At least until we can shop the other So Cal dealers and see where they’re positioning themselves for the month. Once we do that we can line ourselves up to be the best priced dealer but for the next day or two it may not be pretty. Good thing I’m off until Thursday! :laughing:

Have a good night all! I’m off to enjoy the family…


Darn, I just saw it now! I’ll have to keep up with your future posts. Thanks Dave!

Saw this while at a Mercedes dealer in LA, if only you had posted in the morning.