15' Mercedes C300 Transfer

Just gauging interest, will edit with photos and exact mileage when I get the chance.

Long story short, in need-ish of a truck so I having my benz really isn’t suitable.

2015 C300 Luxury package -Gray
Backup cam
No nav package

Sorry for so little photos, it has been raining for a week straight so I can’t give it a proper bath.

Lease was/is 36/10k $447 per month with prepaid maintenance, was a cvp (courtesy vehicle program)
Leased the vehicle officially with 3,550 on it
Currently has 23,000 (leaving 10,550 left) however my commute now is 100 miles per week IF that.

Maturity date is June 2018, so close to 14 months left, I have no problem offering 3 payments for incentive as well as 50% of the transfer fee.
My only requirement is for the transferee to arrange getting the vehicle. I am in the Youngstown Ohio area (Howland.)

I’m in toledo oh but having a hard time believing the monthly payment is that high on a c

With him offering to pay 3 months as incentive, the payment effectively becomes

  • $351/mo (14 months)
  • $344/mo (13 months)
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Payment is that high because 2 years ago I had no clue what I was doing and just signed a lease that sounded fine. It’s precisely why I’m offering 3 months of incentive and half of the lease transfer fee.

Original post edited with photos and accurate mileage.

It’s not a horrible deal, it’s just not as enticing as some of the deals that people are making on this site. I’d guess you’ll get limited traction here for that reason. Craigslist may be a little rough, but leaseswap.com and some other sites may have more potential takers who are more excited about that.

One thing you have going for you is that a 14 month lease may scratch an itch for someone who needs a car for not-too-long. Cheers!

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Yeah I was hoping to just catch someone on the short term end of the spectrum and offer incentive. As far as swap a lease I’ve monitored it for months and it seems luxury editions just sit there so I decided against it. I was counting on a dealer to work a deal to tac my remaining payments on the price of a truck and transfer to them but non-luxury dealers won’t talk to you if you already know residuals is what I’m finding out? It’s crazy.

If someone decides to take this, I’m over a flat $2500 incentive.

whats your contact info?

Is this still available ??

yeah, I got one same kind 4Matic, with $1000 down Im paying exactly $399 O.T.D

Not that bad a deal. I’m looking at an e otherwise I’d be interested