$124/mo + tax (Net) $400 DAS - New 2019 BMW i3 BEv $51k MSRP

Just picked up the car. Feel like there could be another $500-1k to squeeze if I wait till the end of the month, but I can’t wait due to personal situation. They also marked up MF by .0002, so the true dealer discount is about 11.8% with base MF. Overall, I’m very happy about it.

I also opted for 12k miles per year but listed the numbers below for 10k miles per year just for easy comparison.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW i3 BEv + Tech Package + Tera World Package
MSRP: $50,945
Selling price: $44,123 (12.4% discount + $500 OL code)
Monthly Payment: $124 + tax
Drive-Off Amount: $2,926 ($2,500 back from CVRP later) + $1,050 MSD
Months: 30
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00148 (marked up for .0002, .00113 after 7 MSD)
Residual: 61%
Incentives: $7,500 lease credit + $3k loyalty + $1k new graduate
Region: CA
Leasehackr Score: 34 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Great deal. I’m chasing one of these as well right now in LA. Do you mind sharing who you worked with?

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Anyone know if it’s possible to get the same discount without loyalty?

So it would be approx 210+tax without loyalty. That’s in the range to make it worth while for me assuming I get cvrp and pge rebate

Having loyalty or not does not have any bearing on the sales price.


Anything on MF? I’ve talked to a few a dealers and only gotten close to $300/mo after tax

But, maybe discounts have gotten deeper

You need to read the basics of leasing and how to calculate the payments. Throwing out a monthly number means nothing. What sales price did you negotiate? What was the MF and incentives you qualified for?


Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I understand how to calculate. I’m not eligible for loyalty or have an OL code.

I’m just working off of ball park numbers (±15%) before spending the time to nail down a an actual deal. trying to find an EV for ~200-250/mo. Otherwise we’ll just keep our current cars.

I keep seeing these low i3 leases and trying to determine a broad range and if it’s worth my time to pursue.

Dealers near me have been offering ~7% off, not close to the 12.4% he got on his price

Not qualifying for loyalty and OL code is a $3500 difference. Do you qualify for recent grad? If not, that’s another $1k, which brings the deal to be $150/mo higher if you get the same discount.

I’m in a master’s program, but don’t finish until next Aug. Without the loyalty seems really tough to get it down to where it would make sense for us to ditch our paid off car.

Wish I would have gotten a bolt deal before the rebate halved.

I really can get one of these but cant justify on how it looks lol I can get employee discount due to my company which will be much better than most on here but everytime i see one i just think of urkel in his isetta lol

I hear you…but for some, after gas savings, the net cost is less than a phone bill. You could develop a severe case of car myopia for this kind of monthly savings.

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I’d love to get the same or similar deal, if possible. I won’t qualify for the loyalty discount, but could get the grad. I’m in SoCal, so please let me know! Thank you!

Quick question: if I do a one pay lease, there’s no more MSD available or needed right? Intuitively it makes sense (one pay means there’s no more security concern for BMWFS), but leasehackr calculator allows MSDs with one pay. Kinda confused.

Fantastic deal! I am really looking forward to seeing an avalanche of i3 deals like this starting to post this month. For folks with the state incentives that are available, these cars will be effectively practically free!

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Correct…It is one or the other. For BMW, maxing out the MSDs should pretty much always be less expensive than a one pay. There may be specific reasons where a one pay is preferred however.

I tried to sell my girlfriend on one last night for her 70 mile roundtrip daily work commute. If I had to drive that much daily and I had access to the chargers at work, it would be a no brainer. She didn’t want to hear it.

Still trying to figure out how to sell an i3 to her for myself after I committed to leasing a Tacoma yesterday. My 3 mile commutes to the coffeeshop to get work done (work from home) will cost less! I can taxi my 2 boys around to rock climbing, baseball, and basketball for less!

I think it is a cool car. Guess I am in the minority.


We have been barking up the same tree. I have a Taco and an i3…the Taco is fantastic (but at 19-20 mpg) the efficiency of the i3 is so superior for shuttling around town that it practically pays for itself.



Ive stated a number of times before that it is my favorite car in the known universe. :slight_smile:

Makes sense. Thanks for the reply!