11 Payments remaining, Over my mileage

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Hello all!

I am new to the site, and I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions on my current situation.

I am currently in a 2017 VW Jetta GLI lease. I have a remaining 11 payments left of $429 (high for a GLI, bc I used incentive money to get me out of a Honda civic which was my first lease… They saw me coming) left on my lease. I did a 12k mile a year deal. And I am at 39k in mileage. This was all due to my change in 3 jobs I had with in the time I have leased my Jetta.

As of now, I am decided on staying with the car and then buying it out at the end to avoid over mileage fees… If that’s a thing. But! I wanted to throw this out there and hear from the rest to see if anyone has been in a similar situation and what you did to get out of it. I know getting into another car and putting the remaining payments in a new lease is possible. Luckily I work in the city now, and only need a car for commuting to the train station and back and running errands.

Thank you all

That’s gonna be a tough one considering that what you owe is around 131 dollars a month extra on a 36 month lease, maybe more depending on what your disposition fee is. I’ve played the negative equity game more than some people here might recommend (which is usually never), but in my circumstances I was able to walk a tightrope using high incentives and credit card rewards to still come out under 1% of MSRP with zero down. It really depends on what you are looking for and how much you are looking to pay. Just briefly browsing here you’ll find tons of stuff ~300/mo, which would put you at the same payment as the Jetta right now when you roll the remaining payments in. The question is, is it worth it to do that?

This has been discussed many times before. Search and you’ll find every possible opinion, including the consensus.


How far over the mileage will you be in 11 months if you don’t drive that much now?

I’ve been wanting a Charger S/P for the longest time. That’s what I would love to get into. But that’s my inner child self saying that. The adult side is saying stick with the car and avoid a domino affect. So I think I am better off dealing with the Jetta for the rest of the payments and going from there. But I appreciate the insight on it though.

I hunted around other posts after your comment looked deep into it. Some are doing a lot worse than me ha. But thank you for the suggestion.

Honestly, I am not sure. I would drive 5 miles round trip just to get to the train station and use the rest for just leisure and errands. So it might not go up a hefty amount. But I am already cutting it close to $1k for over mileage. Had to reach out on here I hear everyone’s opinions.

You can try to sell it now and hope you can break even or take a small hit. What is your lease payoff on your account? What is trade in and private party value?

You can turn it in and pay a disposition fee and the mileage overage.

You can buy it at the end and not pay the mileage overage or disposition fee.

You can hope for a unicorn deal to roll your 11 remaining payments into and turn in now. This is getting harder to do with rising interest rates. Perhaps a VW dealer can make you a great offer?

Buying the car is a pretty severe way to avoid an excess mileage penalty. How many miles now? How much is the 40K service? How are the tires?

That’s the wild thing hah. I had a 2014 Honda Civic. That I was paying $357 a month for #bcfirstlease rookie problems. I had $3500 in payments remaining. And I lucked out bc the vw store by me got this crazy Incentive thing going on and they paid off the remaining payments of the car for me. I just had to pay the dispo. As much as I should probably be in a rush. I’m rolling with the punches at this point.

Currently at 39k miles. The service not sure. Cleary it’s due. And was planning on doing an oil change for now. And ask how much the service is before doing it. But I’m guessing it’ll be up there. $300 plus is my guess for it? Ha the tires are good actually. I have wheel and tire insurance and live in New York. As much as pieces of the earth missing can hurt when you hit it with those tires. I lucked out and got both of my front ones replaced last winter.

I wouldn’t consider that lucking out. They just rolled all those payments into your Jetta lease.


Better yet it was a civic. You sure they didn’t do a trade and pocket some change?

I’ll bet that service is $400 or so, up to $800 if you have a DSG transmission. Ask the dealer how much if they just do what’s in the maintenance schedule. I think your warranty ended 3K miles ago, so…

My opinion, for what it’s worth is that you don’t ever, yes I mean ever want to roll negative equity into a deal. It tends to snowball and create further issues. In your case a lease does not appear to be the best option. You are unable to predict (for good reason) how many miles you will drive in a year so you end up with mileage fees hanging over your head. Personally I would either suck it up and pay the mileage fees at the end of the lease (they are a legit cost of mileage) and go into the next deal clean. Ideally you would just set aside some money each month so it doesn’t feel like a big hit when you turn it in.

I would probably buy your next car rather than lease unless you are at a point that you can accurately predict your usage.

There are always those with clever ways of rolling in negative equity and fees into a new lease but that is how you end up overpaying each month for the car your’e driving. I learned the hard way there is no free lunch.

$425 for the DSG service. Which I just did a few hours ago ha and an oil change I had to get done. And my tires are apparently good.

Fair enough. I did that the first time. Learning along the way. But definitely aiming towards just keeping the car. Kinda settled with it within the last 24 hours. Thank you and I appreciate the opinion very much.

Going to save some on the side and take the hit. I heard one of the girls I work with have to deal with 10k over miles. And it made me panic briefly. Thankfully with my new job I won’t be adding that much more than I would. I’m 3 months in.

Thank you again @Weasel20

But finding ways to wriggle out of those jams is FUN!

What’s the payoff on the lease? How much is it valued at on KBB? You might want to consider selling it if the value is close to the payoff. Does VW allow you to buy miles at a discount? Find out, and buy them right before you do your lease return and save some $. Next time consider a $15k mile lease. Better yet, buy a CPO car and don’t worry about your miles. BTW a CPO car will probably be a better deal than buying your car. Compare your payoff to a similar CPO car plus your mileage fee.