10k over msrp on 2022 e-tron and Taycan - am i being duped?

Two dealers for two different brands just quoted me for 10k over MSRP (new cars), claiming it’s how the business is done nowadays (NJ if that matters) and being firm on that being non-negotiable.

Weirdly enough, it was an absolute amount and not a percentage - i.e. regardless of actual trims. Is it me looking like a doormat (which didn’t seem to be the case before, I was successfull negotiating purchases in the past) or is it really a thing?

Grab en by the nuts is the motto right now

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It depends on the car. G Wagon - $10k over msrp would be a steal! Hyundai or 3 series - you’re being had.

What car are you looking at?

Yeah, thinking of it, brands are not completely different - audi and porsche.

Which models? We need details here at leasehacker!!

For example, Porsche GT3 is a steal at $10,000 over. Expect to pay $30,000-$70,000 over sticker for that car and they’ll force you to trade in your existing GT4 at a STEAL!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:. It’s called capitalism.

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Depends on the car & model.

But most cars are being quoted MSRP +

G-Vagon going for 150 over


I have found that dealers will abandon the markup if you go end of month. Wait it out and find 3-5 inventory cars if you can.

Absolutely. Update your title to include year, make, model and trim. @VicontT

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A Miata was 10k over in 1990, no chip shortage back then.

GCL summits are $10k over and Limiteds are $5k here in West La.

Lol that’s insane. That’s odd given that they are not in short supply

Taycan and E-tron, 2022. And just to check my bearings - if for whatever reason I decide to go with this, I should probably rule the lease out?

Seen a 2021 HONDA CIVIC for $70,000 in a show room the other month.
Must have been a $20,000 - $30,000 Mark up on MSRP.


Update: found it.

I was quoted 4k down + 695/mo. for an SEL Ioniq EV last week. Salesman said “It’s because it’s the only one we have right now”

they’ll never arrive.

Why are you saying this?

Omg. What was the sales price there?

because they’re “promising” 4 month delivery times and vw/audi/porsche have been walloped by the chip shortage. it’ll be way longer than that.

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For what it’s worth, E-tron was on the lot. Taycan is not.

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