$10000 out the door total bolt LT lease opinion (SoCal)

Hi all, this is my first post. I just found this site and would like opinion on the offer I got on Bolt LT, incl fast charge 10k mile/yr 36 month lease. The cheapest I found was $10,000 total one pay (LA County tax) out the door incl the Asian Conquest rebate. Since the deal ends tomorrow, I’d like to get feedback whether I should get it or not. I’m not in a rush to get it and can wait until end of year sale but it’d be nice to get this car sooner. Many thanks in advance.

Thanks for sharing your data point. I talked to a local dealership in San Diego today and I got 12500 on a Bolt LT, 10/36. Note that Cal is giving $2500 rebate + $500 rebate from county, so you are averaging $7000/36 = 194 a month. Not a bad deal IMO.

Which dealership and contact?

People are getting 7500 onepay.

this post is 4 months old. And where are the 7500 one pay deals now? I haven’t seen one.

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I wouldn’t pay more than $200 for bolt. It’s a very small car . Not worth it.

And you are one person


Yes. I’m wondering where’s the $7,500 one pay too. If you know, do share. Thanks

I believe someone did accomplish it. My wife showed me the FB bolt group posting. Someone got it for $7K one-pay. And then after CA and SCE rebate, it was about $4K total for 10K/36mo. That comes out to be $112/mo. This person must have qualified for tons of rebates. Nice deal. Probably best ever…

When did that person get it? I haven’t seen a deal like that on BOLT (not VOLT) in months. Please share if you are able to get that kind of pricing.

Yeah, I’d be surprised if they got it recently, unless it was mistaken for a volt lease.

Thanks for the update.

Let me ask my wife to send me the FB link. I’ll repost it.

This is def believable for March. I was offered a LT for 10600/15k miles here in Norcal… i decided to wait… now kicking myself for not taking it

Same here. I opted to wait since I decided to do monthly payments and at that time I’d have to pay $1500 more total since the dealership no longer had any base Bolt LT. I’m kicking myself for it. Should have just taken the one pay for $10k.