1 week old. 140 miles Tacoma 2019 SR5

Already back to the dealer for a steering issue. I thought this truck is bullet proof :thinking:

You driving with 4wheel on?

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Its only 4x2

I’ve had mine in for service 6 times, not including oil changes, in under a year. All of which were covered under warranty, but still a pain in the ass.

I agree. So inconvenient. Lost 4 hours today from bringing it in. Processing paperwork. Rental. Going back home. Arrrgggg.

Oh and it is due again for the TSS recall. Has to go back next week. Half hour drive each way.

What is it?

Happens with all cars, some come standard with Gremlins others not. My sons taco has been almost trouble free, except for the alignment being off, the dealer corrected at the first service. My wife’s E300 has been in the shop 30 plus days in 18 mos and is currently in again. My GLS has been trouble free. Biggest problem is it’s usually the wife’s car with the problems.

Only the 80’s Taliban Tacos are truly indestructible. See Top Gear episode.


2018 Taco TRD Sport with 11k miles.

It’s easy to say it happens with many new vehicles, but recall and TSB data supports the third gen taco having an irregular number of service visits compared to previous generations.

just got a call from service and apparently, its lacking PowerSteering Fluid.

How can they deliver a new car without inspecting everything ?

They adopted the Tesla product model.


@Cody_Carter check on your team why there was a neglect on this part

Doubt it has 0 power steering in it. Probably was lower than factory recommendation/not properly filled at factory.

But yes it probably should have been caught in PDI


Agree, add more content, add more problems is the general rule. They need to focus on the basics.