1 month left. “Roll it in” or pay?

Afternoon, all.

I’m currently leasing a ‘17 Fusion. I have one payment of $295 left on my 36 month lease, but I just reached my mileage cap so I’m leasing a new vehicle as soon as this week (currently looking at JGC Limited with Lux and Safety; Ford Edge ST; GMC Terrain Denali). The way I see it, no sense in paying $0.25/mile to ride around since I’m so close to the end.

Regarding my payment - is it best for me to “roll it in”, blend the payment into my new lease and call it a day? Or is it better for me to lease the new car as a totally separate transaction and let the Fusion collect dust, make the next payment and drop it off at my Ford dealer?

Side note - I’m pretty sure Ford would “eat” the $300 if I went with the Edge ST, but I’m certainly not convinced I want a $50,000 Edge on that basis alone.

I know it’s only ±$300 but every dollar counts!

Thanks, everyone.

Roll it so you can take it off your insurance.

Unless there’s currently a pull-ahead offer, they wouldn’t eat anything, and would just roll it.

I mean this is a pretty simple math problem.

What’s the cost of the monthly payment plus the insurance on the Fusion for one month, versus the single monthly payment including interest and taxes rolled into your next lease?

Personally I’d just turn it into a Ford dealer and pay the $295+dispo fee.