#1 Lexus Dealer Boston MA Pre-Owned Lease!

I think you’re going to want to provide some additional detail - like year, make, model, etc.


Stock number is B4790. Gorgeous Caviar 2016 Lexus IS 300 with only 19,600 miles!!

So as someone who is also in sales, it’s usually best to make people do as little work as possible

Like posting a link to the vehicle in question:

I’m looking forward to more pre-owned lease deals. Welcome to LH!

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Thank you Chris

  1. Most here do not advocate for a down payment. As you know, it is typically lost if the car is totaled.
  2. An effective payment of over $330 for a 3 year old Lexus? I don’t think you’re going to find many takers on Leasehackr considering it will be 7 years old and completely out of warranty for some of the lease

I do them every day, they have a fantastic residual, and are great for the client if they want a lower payment!

I mean that’s not a great measuring stick, some people buy Nissan Versas or smoke crack every day too.


OK - lets let the LeaseHackr market speak. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Lol, you rock brotha!

That’s really cool! Here in MD, no Lexus dealer wants to do used leases…

:laughing: On a serious note, what is the $1000 post-sale rebate in your calculation?

We don’t see much info on used car leases so this is really interesting to me. The MF is atrocious compared to Lexus special APR of 1.9%, but a big enough discount versus the CRV could make a CPO Lexus pretty tasty.

4 year lease. Nearly 5% rent charge. $1k CCR. 4% discount. What’s the good part to this deal?

Deal aside, I can attest to the fact that both Jessica and the Lexus Waterown staff are terrific. I worked across the street from them for 8 years :slight_smile:

They are known to have some pretty incredible demo deals. New too.

Jessica just got me an incredible deal on a GX for my brother in law. It’s getting shipped to Naples next week.

If anyone visits, go see my friend Ivan, head chef at Branch Line, right nearby. Absolutely incredible guy and restaurant.


So I found out that the $1k is actually an LFS rebate for 2016/7 IS. ES also has it. It should go into calculator under taxed incentives, but she did it as $1000 CCR then $1000 post-sale rebate so it’s a wash for the monthly.

I still think you could hack one of these, you’d just need a dealer to play along with a strong enough discount off of CVR. But who knows what the CVR is until they calculate it.

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It works perfect with MSD’s actually! Also, many people would rather have a pre-owned lease. It all comes down to what works for the client. Sometimes it works, and sometimes you can lease a new Lexus for less.

Yeah I agree, I used to live near Len Stoler Lexus before moving to the West Coast and they hated doing used lease deals.