$0 drive-off...how does it happen?

$0 down on drive-off is something i see often on the forum but i don’t get it…my understanding is drive-off
is the sum of the four line items shown in the example here on the leasehackr calculator…how does one avoid paying all four at drive-off?

Roll into financed/leased amount. It is easy

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Roll/cap those fees into the monthly.

It gets worked into your monthly payment, so if you’re doing 36 months, that $906 would mean 906/36=25 bucks your monthly payment goes up by to $371.

Plus the interest…Which on some leases is so pitifully low it is insignificant✔️

good explanation…is this kind of inclusion something most dealers will do?

For the most part yes they are fine with doing so.

However, for some reason on my last two Mercedes-Benzes they made me pay first month at sign and said they aren’t able role it in. The rest they were ok with rolling into monthly. Perhaps it’s just the dealers I dealt with though? I was too excited to get the car in my hands to care at that point :slight_smile:

If your credit history supports it then yes: I’m in my 7th lease and the only upfronts I’ve ever paid was when I had them order a car for me (not a DX and did not come from the port, I snatched an allocation on a custom build), paid them a $500 deposit to order, and just had them roll it into the deal (effectively 1st payment). On my first lease I cashed out all the equity on my trade, the dealer wrote me a check. :moneybag:

I was looking at a MB last month before I got the XC60 (which is still in the shop btw fwiw jfc) and they had no issue doing a sign and drive. I was planning to put down max MSDs.

The signal I subtly try to send when I ask for $0 DAS is “it has nothing do with resources or cash flow, but I’m not putting ANYTHING into this lease to reduce payments to minimize MY risk”. See Leased car accident (Audi Q5)